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Destination Spotlight: Colorado

Now that we’ve reached autumn and the cooler temperatures are hitting parts of the country, our team at Singles Travel Service is planning and looking forward to our ski trips out west this winter. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know we love outdoor adventures, especially winter sports. So it seems appropriate that we highlight one of our favorite places for this destination spotlight: Colorado.

This winter, we will be planning three separate trips to Colorado, exploring three magnificent winter sports destinations: Aspen, Breckenridge, and Telluride. Here are some top activities in each resort town.


In early December, we are kicking off the holidays early with our season opening trip to Aspen, Colorado. Aspen has some of the most incredible mountains to ski – including Ajax, Highlands, Snowmass, and Buttermilk. (We love their names, too.) What makes Aspen one of our favorite ski destinations is that in addition to these world-class slopes, the town itself is world-class. Aspen offers upscale dining, luxury shopping, interesting art galleries, and fantastic bars with live entertainment.

For beginners who are also interested in exploring the destination, Aspen is a perfect ski town. You spend some time on the slopes and time in the town, meeting new people all along the way. We also love the ski in/ski out aspect of where we stay in Aspen – the beautiful Stonebridge Inn. It’s within the village of Snowmass and just minutes from downtown Aspen.


We’ll kick off the New Year this January with our second Singles Travel Service sojourn to the big and beautiful, special and sprawling resort town of Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge is massive, but in the best sense of the word. The area has almost 200 trails and bowls over 3,000 acres of terrain and it is supported by 34 lifts. We’ll be there for a week, and we will need that time to explore all that Breckenridge has to offer. (Pro tip: Arrive on Sunday, like us, as the weekend crowds from Denver are leaving.)

While Breckenridge has many gorgeous resorts, we happen to fancy Beaver Run. It’s located at the Base of Peak 9, it’s family run, and close to town. Love!


And last but never the least; we’ll head out on an amazing singles luxury vacation in March to the historic town of Telluride, Colorado. If you’ve never been to Telluride, you might not realize that the town boasts more than 300 inches of snow which makes for a perfect base for its more than 2000 acres for skiing.  This is supported by 127 trails, 18 lifts, and a vertical drop of more than 4,400 feet (wow!).

Once again, we’ll be staying the glorious The Peaks. And what makes The Peaks a perfect singles travel destination is that this five-star hotel is a ski in / ski out resort – with one of the most luxurious spas in the country. Think: 5 floors, pools, hot tubs, and a full service menu of spa services. If you venture outside of the resort (and you should, at least once!), you’ll be greeted with a historic town center filled with amazing shops and restaurants.

Destination Colorado

Interested in joining one of our ski trips to Colorado this season? Contact us today.

Western Sports Horseback Riding

Summer Western Sports in the Rocky Mountains

Do you have a love for adventure and the outdoors? Are you looking for a summer vacation alternative to same-old beach resort? Have you always dreamed of seeing the Rocky Mountains? Are you interested in western sports but a beginner? If you answered “yes!” to any or all of the above, then you should consider a summer vacation in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

This summer, Singles Travel Service is hosting two ultimate vacations to the Rocky Mountains: Big Sky, Montana, in July, and Aspen, Colorado, in August. You should join us! And here’s why.

Big Sky in July

We’ve traveled all over the world, and Big Sky is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places we’ve been to in the United States and elsewhere. It is rugged, magnificent, and fun. As the name of the town implies, the sky goes on forever over gorgeous mountain vistas. And it’s close enough to Yellowstone National Park that a visit there is a must. Simply put, Big Sky is the ultimate destination for an urban professional who is looking to get away from it all while enjoying luxury accommodations and world-class western sports adventures.

I know that whenever I travel, the hotel is a super important choice in my planning. On this singles vacation, we stay at the five-star Summit Hotel at Big Sky. This hotel – which has hosted presidents – is the epitome of Rocky Mountain luxury. And it’s in the center of the village, making its location idea. Plus, it has all the amenities you’d want: pool, tennis, spa, golf, mountain biking, and so much more.

While in Big Sky, we’ll go horseback riding at the 320 Guest Ranch, rafting on the Gallatin River, and spend a full day at Yellowstone National Park. We will enjoy western sports activities like zip line and high ropes, have wonderful meals and drinks, go shopping – and meet new friends. Big Sky is a perfect choice for a singles vacation.

Aspen in August

Another amazing choice for a singles vacation is Aspen, Colorado. We’ve sung the praises of Aspen in the past as a winter sports destination. But it is just as wonderful as a summer singles vacation.

Once again, we will stay at the lovely Stonebridge Inn. Located in the heart of Snowmass Village, the inn is close to shopping, dining, and more. At the inn, enjoy the spa, pool, outdoor bar, and world-class fitness facility. We’ll also tour the area on a back-country Jeep tour.

While in Aspen, our adventures will be endless. We’ll horseback ride at the fantastic T-Lazy-7 ranch, which has been owned and operated by the same family for more than 75 years. We’ll also partake in a two-hour, casual, and relaxing downhill bike ride down the unique and landmark Maroon Bells – some of the most photographed mountains in the United States. To up the adventure quotient just a bit, part of the week will include a whitewater rafting trip along the famed Colorado River. And there will be plenty of other western sports like mountain coaster riding, zip lining, and more.

Throughout our time in Aspen, we’ll mix and meet with new friends over fabulous dinners and activities, including a super fun evening of bowling, burgers, and beer.


Western sports adventures for single travelers are vacations to remember. Contact us today to reserve your spot!

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Solo Travel: A Path to Learning & Adventure

The National Geographic published a post about “Six Things Solo Travel Teaches You.” It’s telling that such an iconic national magazine published an article on solo travel, though we’ve known for some time now that vacationing alone is a huge emerging trend in the travel industry (see the Visa Global Travel Intentions Study).

The National Geographic post was aimed more at travelers who embark on trips totally on their own (rather than on a group tour). However, everything they talked about resonated with us and our experiences in hosting group trips for single travelers. Here’s why:

  1. There is nothing embarrassing about solo travel. Truly. Honestly. In fact, most people believe just the opposite. Taking the step to vacation alone is actually very brave. It means that you are a strong and self-confident person. It shows that you are ready to learn and explore or rest and relax – to do something for yourself that is well-deserved.
  2. Sometimes, being alone is really, really nice. Most of us are never really alone. Many of us have jobs where we are surrounded by people – colleagues, customers, clients, patients, students, fill-in-the-blank – all day. When the work day is done, even if we live alone, our phones are often connected to our hands, thus connecting us to all of our social networks. But when we take the time to just be – to take a long, wandering walk alone or to practice yoga or to just sit in the sunshine – our senses can awaken and discoveries can be made about the world and about ourselves.
  3. Traveling solo provides great prospects for meeting new friends. For as much as traveling solo provides people with the chance to become comfortable on one’s own, it also gives singles an excellent opportunity to meet new people. On our group tours, travelers who were once strangers often become fast friends (and sometimes even couples). And there are often interesting interactions and conversations with local folks in the cities and destinations that we visit. What better way to understand the culture and vibe of a place than to learn from a local?
  4. Singles group trips are great for career networking. Our singles vacations bring together groups of like-minded individuals. Very often, we find that career networking happens organically over a hike or evening cocktails. Two of our guests last year began a collaborative digital media project not long after one of our trips. When we see great things like that happen, we realize the old adage is true: You never know who you’ll meet.
  5. Group tours for single travelers provide extra safety and security. Yes, the world is (mostly) good. But sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes unknown places can make even well-seasoned travelers uncomfortable. By traveling solo on a singles tour, travelers are afforded a level of comfort by knowing the group is always there.
  6. Solo travel – with or without a group – is empowering. Simply put, taking a vacation alone is liberating. The end.

If you are ready to solo travel on one of our singles group vacations, contact us today.

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Say Yes to a Singles Vacation

Why should you say yes to a singles vacation? Many singles are interested in adventure, sports, or international travel. We often hear from travelers who are not sure about the benefits of a singles vacation versus solo travel. At Singles Travel Service, we are experts in luxury and adventure hosted group vacations for singles.  So we put together a quick list of reasons to choose a singles vacations.

You will meet fun, like-minded people.

When you join a hosted group singles vacation, you will be in the company of singles from all over the country or world with similar hobbies and interests. This is a relaxed casual way to meet and make new friends while learning about a new place, progressing in a favorite sport, or just enjoying a quiet beach.

You won’t have to plan anything.

Organizing a trip can take weeks. Finding the right hotel, the interesting places to visit, the best restaurants to try, or the right local guide takes time. When you book a singles vacation, you leave all the planning and logistics to a team of travel experts who have connections in each destination. On a hosted singles vacation, the itinerary will be mapped out for you. Though within it, you’ll have a variety of choices.  While you are welcome and encouraged to take part of the group activity, you have no obligation to join in. It’s your vacation after all! (But trust us – you’ll want to join in.)

You will save money.

Many single travelers think that hosted singles vacations are expensive. Very often, the cost of group travel is less than you think. Because we work with tour operators and agents from all over the world and often do repeat business with them, we often get special rates and pass that savings on to our single travelers. When we create our packages, we add in meals, tours, group activities, and more. This is all included in the final price of the trip. Our goal is to provide you with amazing travel opportunities while  providing you with as much value as possible for the money that you have saved for your singles vacation.

You will learn something new.

On singles group vacations, there is always the opportunity to learn something new. From sports, history, culture, food, skills, and more, each place that you visit will teach you something new. And you’ll also have the great opportunity to learn about the people that you are with on your singles vacation. In our many years of hosting luxury and adventure vacations for singles, we have seen romance bloom and life-long friendships form.

You will travel in the safety and security of a group.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again. The world is crazy, amazing, fascinating, beautiful, and mostly good. But anyone that follows the news knows that sometimes it’s not. By traveling on a hosted singles vacation, single travelers have an added level of safety and security.

So go ahead. Say yes to a singles vacation.

At Singles Travel Service, we offer thoughtfully planned and carefully curated singles vacations. Contact us today and book your next trip.

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Summer Vacation Advice for Single Travelers

Welcome to summer! Here at Singles Travel Service, we love all of the seasons, but there is something special about summer. Summer means long days, warm sun, and plenty of time to be outside. Summer also means it is vacation season. For single travelers embarking on a solo adventure or a singles group guided tour, we have some summer vacation advice for how to make the most of your time away.

Plan Ahead

While there is something to be said for spontaneity, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead. This means everything from the vacation destination, to what to pack, to activities during the trip.

Going camping? Don’t forget the bug spray, a light of some sort, and a portable charger for your electronic devices. (Yes, camping is meant to be a time to get away — but having some connection to the rest of the world is just good sense.)

Thinking of a hike? Then look into the trails and their difficulty in the location where you’ll be visiting. We’ve definitely learned the hard way by starting on a trail that was way harder than expected.

And if you don’t want to have every detail planned out, then plan that, too. Save one day for doing what you’ve liked best – or by doing nothing at all.

Savor Some Time Alone

Many single travelers join group tours to meet other like-minded and adventurous single travelers. And we love that! We plan our singles tours with many group activities in mind – from sports outings to cocktails and dinner.

But in between activities, one of the best pieces of summer vacation advice we can offer is to take some time alone to relax and recharge. Sit back on a lounge chair, take a quiet walk, read a book. These small activities go a long way in self-care and restoration.

Take Photographs

In today’s age of social media and smart phones, taking pictures seems like a no brainer. So often people travel to a place just to take a selfie at that cool location. But on many singles vacations, you will be going, doing, thinking.

And sometimes when you are really having fun, you just forget to capture the moment because you are so into the moment. And that’s great. But you may only see Venice once in your life, and some snap shots of the city’s ethereal beauty will be treasured for a long time to come.

Keep an Open Mind

On singles guided tours, you’ll meet a mix of people from all over the world. You’ll hang out with people of different backgrounds, religions, political views, and cultures. One of the best things about joining a singles group tour is the learning experience from that amazing diversity. And, at the end of the day, you all have one thing in common – you all have a love for travel and joined a singles vacation.

Happy Summer Vacation, Travelers!

If you’d like to learn more about our summer singles vacation package and group tours, contact us today.


Destination Spotlight: Italy

Situated along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Italy has long been a popular tourist destination. Not only has the country been highly influential in food, wine, fashion, and popular culture, but it’s also home to some of the most beautiful locales, historic places, and finest art in the world.

While some travelers choose to visit only one city or location in Italy, it is actually very easy to plan a trip to multiple Italian cities. This can be accomplished via train or by driving. Among the most popular itineraries is a three-city tour of Rome, Florence, and Venice. This tour will enable you to see “the best of Italy.” Along the way, it’s easy to see the gorgeous Tuscany region and the remarkable Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Truly a city for the ages, Rome is one of the most famous places in the world. In this Eternal City, you will find ancient wonders. Start by visiting the famous Roman Colosseum, which is amazing both architecturally and historically. While at the Colosseum, you can visit the nearby Roman Forum, which was the center of Roman life, and Palentine Hill for panoramic views of the city below. (Tip: Avoid lines by purchasing tickets online that include admission to all three sites.)

The Pantheon was originally constructed in 27 B.C. If you can wrap your head around that fact, you’ll be even more amazed to see this Roman temple to the gods. Another must-do is a visit to Vatican City. Though it’s been its own country since 1929, it is surrounded by the city of Rome. Visit St. Peter’s Square and the breathtaking St. Peter’s Basilica. (Tip: Proper attire is required to enter St. Peter’s Basilica. This means covered shoulders and legs.) While in Vatican City, you can also visit the Sistine Chapel and view the famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo. The Sistine Chapel is located within the Apostolic Palace. This is the official residence of the Pope.

No trip to Rome would be complete without visiting its lovely outdoors squares or “piazzas.”  The most famous is Piazza Navona where you can see its glorious fountains. And speaking of fountains, another must-see is the famous Trevi Fountain. Throw some coins and make some wishes! Finally, be sure to visit the Spanish Steps for another beautiful fountain and some great people watching.


From Rome, head to Florence, which is the city of the Renaissance.  This is a very walkable city, so plan on bringing a good pair of walking shoes so you can take in everything. Start by visiting the Piazza del Duomo. This square is in the center of Florence, and it is home to the Florence Cathedral (the Duomo), the Florence Baptistery (or the Baptistery of St. John), and Giotto’s Campanile (or bell tower). The area is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of the most visited places in Europe.

Even if you are not an art lover, head to the Uffizi Gallery to view some of the most beautiful works of art in the world, including art by Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Rembrandt. Afterward, stroll the streets for shopping and take a break at an outdoor café.

From Florence, rural Tuscany is an easy side trip. Here you can see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, learn about Italian wine making, and explore Italy’s gorgeous historic towns like Siena. There are few places in the world lovelier than the Tuscan hills.


From Florence, travel to Venice, which is a fairytale “city of water” that is built on 117 tiny islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Venice has no roads, only its famous canals. The most famous of the famous canals is the Grand Canal, the city’s main thoroughfare.

Start by visiting Venice’s main square, the Piazza San Marco (aka St. Mark’s Square). Not only is this a great place for people watching, it is home to one of the most famous places of worship in the world, St. Mark’s Basilica. Climb to the top of the bell tower for amazing views of the city.

Other must-see spots in Venice include Doge’s Palace, which is the seat of the Venetian government, and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection museum. Finally, no trip to Venice would be complete without a gondola ride. For the quintessential Venetian experience, be sure to spring for a ride on a gondola where you will be serenaded. Single travelers often find that romance can bloom in breathtaking Venice.

Destination Italy

At Singles Travel Service, Italy is one of our favorite countries to visit. Join us this June on our three-city singles group tour of Rome, Florence, and Venice.

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Essential Travel Tips

Here are essential travel tips for stress-free single travel. Why do you need them? Traveling is an amazing thing. It’s an escape from daily life, an adventure, and a learning experience. It can open your mind to new possibilities and your heart to new places and people.

But traveling can also be stressful.

Missed flights, choosing the wrong hotel, packing the wrong stuff, not giving yourself enough time for all you want to do, and lost luggage are just some of the things than can ruin a vacation. But there are solutions for all of these than can help you have a stress-free and completely relaxing singles vacation in any destination.

Plan Ahead

First, you’ll want choose a destination carefully. Pick a place that you’ve always wanted to visit – or a trip centered on an activity that you love. Think: skiing, camping, learning about history and culture, or simply relaxing. Base your vacation around something completely enjoyable for you. When you go into a vacation knowing this, any negative experience can be counterbalanced easily.

Next, you should sit down and map out your itinerary. What places do you want to visit in the city or country you’ve chosen? How much skiing or scuba diving do you want to get in each day? Think about your “musts” for the trip – and then go from there. Choose a hotel based its proximity to what you most want to do. And read the reviews! A bad hotel in an amazing location is still a bad hotel.

One of the easiest ways to plan ahead is to let someone else do it for you! When you join a hosted singles vacation for groups, the tour operator will have done all of the research and planning for you. Hotels will be vetted, itineraries will be carefully curated, and flights will be thoughtfully chosen to provide optimal time in each location. At Singles Travel Service, we offer a range of hosted tours for single travelers. There is something for everyone.

Pack Right

And pack as lightly as possible. No matter where you are going – a beach, a mountain, or a city – you will want to put some thought into how you can only pack the essential clothing and gear that you need for the trip. You do not want to lug around more than you need. I made this mistake once years ago by taking 8 pairs of shoes to a Caribbean island. Sure each sundress had matching sandals, but this was completely unnecessary. I could have been fine with good flip flops, one pair of go-with-everything sandals, and a pair of sneakers for my morning run.

Also: do not forget that layers work. Temperatures can change quickly, air conditioned rooms can get really cold even if the destination is warm, and some locales are more conservative than others and vice versa.

Arrive Early

One of our favorite quotes here at Singles Travel Service is “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” William Shakespeare was a wise man. Never be late. Lateness can be so stressful for a traveler and your traveling companions. It can cause you to miss flights at worst, dinner reservations at best – and everything in between from guided tour departures to tee times to happy hour cocktails. And when you are part of a hosted trip on a singles vacation, it is simply poor travel etiquette to make the group wait.

Embrace Being Away

In this modern age, it is nearly impossible to disconnect completely. We are tied to our devices – smart phones, tablets, and lap tops. In many ways, this modern technology makes traveling so much smoother. You can receive up-to-the-minute flight updates, quickly get directions, find exactly the type of restaurant you want in the neighborhood you find yourself in after a day of exploring, and more.

It also enables you to check in back home or at work – for better or worse. But this can cause stress so give yourself a break. Turn off the news, forget work email for a few days, and take time to look up from your phone to see the new place that surrounds you.

Purchase Travel Insurance

We actually wrote an entire blog about how travel insurance can create peace of mind on a trip. Check it out. You might not need it on every vacation, but travel insurance is often a very good idea.

Did these essential travel tips help? At Singles Travel Service, we are known for hosting expertly planned and stress-free singles group vacations.  Contact us to learn more.

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Winter Sports for Single Travelers

We love winter. And these five winter sports keep us happy, active, and outdoors even when it’s cold outside. These five winter sports are great for single travelers, too. They are all individual sports, but taking part in them as a group activity can add to the fun. On our hosted winter sports vacations for singles, our guests enjoy many of these winter sports and activities.


Though this list is in no particular order, we really love to ski. Of course, the great ski versus snowboard debate inevitably comes up among our staff and guests each time we hit the slopes. And snowboarding is amazing (see below). But there is just something about classic, downhill skiing. There is elegance to the sport. And because it’s relatively easy to learn, skiing is very accessible. Resorts of all sizes have ski schools, “bunny hills” for novices, and more advanced courses for experts. Skiing is a great sport for single travelers because it’s an individual sport. Singles ski vacations are a great way to meet people – on the chair lifts or in the lodge during a post-slope cocktail.


Unlike skiing, snowboarding is harder to learn. But as slope veterans know, snowboarding is easier to master once you’ve learned the right techniques. And it’s simply addictive, especially once you can snowboard through a terrain park. For single travelers, it’s also a great way to make connections with fun-loving people. Snowboarding culture is at once both relaxed and adrenaline filled. It’s also an amazing workout for your core. And who doesn’t want a great core workout?

Ice Skating

Whether you are on figure skates or hockey skates, ice skating is a great winter sport. Once you find your balance, ice skating provides many benefits. It’s a great cardio workout that builds endurance. Ice skating improves joint flexibility. It builds awesome leg muscles. Ice skating is a great way to relieve stress. And, of course, it is so much fun. Once you’ve mastered it, skating as fast as you can across a rink (or a frozen lake!) is exhilarating. Ice skating is easy to practice because most towns and cities have a rink – so when you get to a resort with a professional grade rink, it’s easy to look like a pro. Ice skating is a great individual sport that single travelers love.


If you ever have the chance to go snowmobiling, GO. It’s a great winter outdoor adventure, and not something everyone gets to do. Racing across snowy trails can be thrilling. When the forecast calls for serious snow, we head to closest place to rent a snowmobile. Single travelers love snowmobiling on winter vacations. One of the best places in the world to snowmobile is in the Montana section of Yellowstone Park (one of our favorite places to visit any time of the year!).

Snow Tubing

If you grew up around hills, you definitely spent snowy winter days sled-riding all afternoon. Snow tubing takes you back to that childhood experience, only at a much higher and more exciting level. Imagine spinning or swooshing down the side of a mountain on a wide, snow-covered trail. Many resorts know that adults love snow tubing as much as kids, so they offer nighttime tubing for the older set. Singe travelers often connect over the sheer whimsy of snow tubing.

Winter Sports Vacations

Each winter, Singles Travel Service hosts winter sports vacations. Check out our upcoming winter sports vacations for singles.

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2017 Travel Trends for Baby Boomers

AARP released an annual study on 2017 Travel Trends. We love to dig into this research each year. It gives us insight about one of our core group of travelers: Baby Boomers.

As we well know, single travel has been a huge trend for Baby Boomers, and the outlook for 2017 is no different. Both domestically and internationally, solo travel is among the top reasons why Baby Boomers will travel in 2017. Here’s what else we found out:

Almost Everyone Travels

According to the study, a massive 95% of Baby Boomers will plan at least one leisure vacation in 2017. What’s more, many plan an average of five or more trips each year. Why? Baby Boomers are more likely to be retired or have an empty nest. So this group of travelers tends to have more time and resources for vacation.

Singles Travel Abroad More

Baby Boomers are increasingly single due to divorce or the death of a partner. According to the study, single Baby Boomers are more likely to choose vacations in international destinations, instead of limiting themselves to trips within the United States. Whether it’s a “bucket list” trip or simply a much-needed vacation, single Baby Boomers are choosing international destinations. Latin America (especially Mexico and the Caribbean) and Europe (especially the England/United Kingdom and Italy) top the “most desired” destination lists for Baby Boomers. And we can’t blame them at all. Those international locations are some of our favorite places to visit as well.

Travelers Seek Authentic Experiences

There is a a major trend among Baby Boomers to seek authentic experiences while traveling. Think: eating a meal with locals, touring with native guides, or participating in local cultural activities. This highlight really rang true with us. Right now, we are planning a spring trip to the Mexico Canyons. Every time we visit this amazing area, there is sightseeing, culture, and great local food. Guests learn about native folklore, pottery, history, and more. Our stay includes a few nights at local bed and breakfasts where our single travelers mix and mingle with locals. The experience is more than authentic, and we understand why this is a top travel trend for 2017.

Money Matters

As it turns out, AARP found that 60% of Baby Boomers do not set a budget when planning a vacation. But when a budget is set, almost all (95%) stay within it. Though the majority of Baby Boomers do not start planning with a budget in mind, money does matter. This group of travelers is certainly seeking travel perks like complimentary Wi-Fi at hotels and airports, free breakfasts or happy hours at the hotel, and priority check-ins. In order to stay within budget and know ahead of time what amenities are included on a trip, Baby Boomers often choose to book group tour vacations. This takes all of the guess work and anxiety out of the vacation, leaving only time for leisure and adventure.

If you’re a Baby Boomer planning single travel in 2017, let us help plan your trip of a lifetime. Contact us for more information

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Activity Spotlight: Scuba Diving for Beginners

One of our favorite outdoor activities is scuba diving. And our scuba trips are one of our favorite vacations to host. Ideal for beginner, intermediate, and experienced divers, our scuba singles diving vacations are the perfect getaway.

Very often, we hear from guests who are interested in scuba trips, but they are new to the sport. So, we have developed these tips for scuba diving beginners so they can feel confident about joining our amazing adventures.

About Scuba Diving

Why is scuba diving so awesome? You really feel at one with nature. Imagine being able to breathe underwater, supported by the safety of your own air tank. In your sleek wet suit, wearing your fins and mask, you are able to fully explore the underwater reefs, to swim with tropical fish, and to just glide through the warm waters.

And though you will always be within the safety of an instructed group, there is a quiet, wonderful solitude that comes with scuba diving. In fact, many even practice meditation while scuba diving, making the sport ideal for stress relief and maintaining mindfulness.

Know Before You Go

On our trips, we supply BCDs (Buoyancy Compensator Devices), regulators, and diving fins. You’ll need to add these to your pre-trip shopping list: wet suit, mask, booties, and perhaps a diving watch.

Many of our beginner guests opt to take diving lessons before they vacation with us. Most areas have diving schools, and typically the lessons are held in the deep end of a competition-sized swimming pool. Learning in a pool before the first open-water dive really helps many of our guests feel comfortable.

One of the things to always keep in mind when learning to scuba dive is to BREATHE. It sounds like a no-brainer, but our bodies are programmed to hold our breath underwater. Learning how to breathe slowly and properly underwater using the equipment is a skill. You will save air – and it’s also very relaxing.

While Vacationing

On our singles scuba vacations, we only take small groups of guests. For beginners, our package includes a PADI open water course. This course helps our singles learn the art and skill of scuba diving. So even if you have never done an open water dive, you will have plenty of thoughtful and careful instruction on our trip.

We do three dives a day. The time in between is spent relaxing, meeting new friends, eating great meals, and learning about the natural marine environment. For guests that are beginners, we advise to keep the following in mind:

  1. Stay hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water and avoiding excess alcohol consumption the evening before a dive.
  2. Listen to your group instructor. They are here to teach, empower, and make you a confident diver.
  3. Take things slowly. By taking it slow, you reduce air consumption, maintain your confidence, and have more time to enjoy and explore the amazing underwater world.
  4. Have fun! Vacations are for pleasure, and our scuba trips are filled with it.

At Singles Travel Service, we combine a scuba diving adventure with plenty of above-water relaxation and good times on our own private island. Interested in joining one of our trips? Contact us today.