Singles Cruises for All Ages

Singles Cruises That are Unforgettable…

Cruising promises the ultimate in fun and comfort for single travelers. Our singles cruises offer a relaxed way for you to vacation, explore the world, and meet and make new friends from all around the world. Today’s cruise ships are floating cities with great food, lots to do and promise all-inclusive vacations. When you opt for one of our cruise vacations for single people, you can be sure to get great food, make new friends, and be a part of various exclusive singles events. With excursions planned for each port, no constant unpacking and a fun singles group to enjoy it all with. At Singles Travel Service, we specialize in planning perfect cruises vacations for singles and solo travelers always promising maximum fun and absolutely no hassle! Join us the year on one of our most enjoyable singles cruises to experience what makes us stand out from the clutter. Our cruise packages always include an experienced host who is familiar with our cruise itinerary and ports. We organize daily fun activities to make cruise life a little more enjoyable. Best of all instead of being stuck at one table for the week you are welcome to change tables with each meal so you can always meet and mingle with the whole group.


Price Guarantee

All prices quoted are based on double occupancy, and are not guaranteed until full payment is received. Cabin prices are subject to availability and do sell out quickly, so reserve your cabin space early to ensure the best rates.

What about rates for the single traveler?

All prices quoted are based on double occupancy (two to a cabin). For those passengers traveling alone, we will match you up with another single roommate of the same sex and age group.

Can I upgrade my cabin?

Passengers desiring more deluxe accommodations (rooms with balconies, or even suites), are encouraged to request rates and availability from us.

How much is my deposit and when is final payment due?

Payment in full is required with all reservation and you should hold on purchasing your airfare until your a booking number from us.

What is included in my price of the cruise?

The price of your cruise includes shipboard accommodations, all meals and non-carbonated beverages such as coffee, tea and juices, 24-hour snacks, complimentary room service, nightly entertainment, dancing and onboard activities. Your price also includes private activities exclusively for our singles group, such as singles cocktail parties, games, dances, mixers, matchmaking services, etc.

Alcoholic beverages are at your own expense.

What is NOT included in the price of the cruise?

Wines, liquors and some soft drinks, optional shore excursions, tipping (at your own discretion), any personal services such as laundry, beauty parlor, etc., and transportation to and from the ship (except if you purchase airfare from the cruise line).

Am I paying more for a Singles Cruise?

Our agency has negotiated group rates with the cruise lines based on the knowledge that we will bring many singles to our cruises. These rates include lots of “extras” you will be receiving through our agency only. Keep in mind you are getting a special service and additional amenities for being part of our singles group. These additional services are not offered to the general public and can include whenever possible complimentary cabin upgrades. Cabin upgrades are of course not guaranteed, but with the tremendous volume of business we do with the cruise lines we normally get a fair share of upgrades. We will have “private” singles cocktail parties, mixers and other functions for our group during your cruise. We have special dining privileges as well as the service of our own singles cruise directors onboard….and the list goes on!

What if I have to cancel my cruise?

Refer to our cancellation policy which includes a schedule of penalties.

Forms of payment?

We can accept checks (made payable to Singles Travel Service, Inc), Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card through Pay Pal.

What are the tipping guidelines?

Tipping is always at the travelers’ discretion, and is generally done on the last night of your cruise. As a guideline, the cruise lines recommend the following gratuities: Cabin Steward-$3.00 per guest/per day; Waiter-$3.00 per guest/per day; and Busboy-$1.50 per guest/per day. A 15% gratuity will be automatically added to any bar bill.

Charge Accounts Onboard?

Most ships have a no-cash policy during the cruise. When you get on board, the cruise line will open a credit account for you. All on board purchases will be charged directly to this account (in lieu of accepting cash) and you can pay in one lump sum at the end of your cruise. You can open the account with a major credit card or if you don’t have a credit card, you can set up a cash deposit. You can pay your account at the end of the cruise by whatever means ever you wish; however, most ships do not accept personal checks.

General Cruise Questions:

Talent Show Night

There is usually a Talent Show on the cruise where the passengers are the entertainment. If you have a particular talent, this is your chance to be a star!

Is smoking permitted on the ship?

Smoking is permitted on the ship in designated areas only. By popular request, dining rooms are now smoke free. You can request a smoking cabin; however, no requests are guaranteed. If we assign you to a roommate, we try to accommodate your smoking preference; however, nothing is guaranteed.

What about shore excursions?

You may purchase optional shore excursions directly with the cruise lines. Their excursions are available for purchase aboard the ship at their Shore Excursion Desk.

Is the entire ship singles?

No, the entire ship will not be single passengers. Our agency organizes a group of singles onboard the ship. Our singles groups generally tend to have anywhere from 50 to 250 singles onboard. We have a block of cabins for our group of singles and we organize “private” singles activities exclusively for our singles group such as singles cocktail parties, games, lectures, pool parties, singles nightly get-together’s, etc. We also have an exclusive area in the dining room just for our group. You will not be seated with families, kids or honeymooners! You will be seated with other singles your age with an equal number of men and women wherever possible for the first night only. The remainder of the cruise you may sit at any table in our designated area with a Singles Travel Service- SinglesCruise table tent on it. We have our own private singles cruise directors onboard who will be hosting our singles group.

How is this cruise different from a regular cruise?

On any “regular” cruise there are very few (if any) singles onboard. The few singles onboard are usually surrounded by families, couples and kids with no “central” place to meet. By booking into one of Singles Travel Service groups, you are guaranteed to travel with a large group of singles. (Usually 150 to 400 singles on each cruise).

There are organized activities or events daily exclusively for our singles. This includes “private” singles cocktail parties, singles games, pool parties, etc., etc.  Each night we will deliver to your cabin a list of our singles activities for the next day. These activities are NOT open to the public! They are solely for our single clients. We also have a separate area of the dining room just for our group where we allow our singles to switch tables each night except the first night which will have assigned seating with others in your age group and an equal number of men and women wherever possible. This is a great way to meet new friends!

Who will you find sailing with us on our “singles” cruises?

There is no “typical” guest on our “singles” cruises. Our cruises are for anyone who wants to have the most fun possible. Most are single professionals – age ranging from mid-20’s to late 50’s (some younger/some older). We advertise with various “singles” organizations around the country, so our guests come from every state in the union. Our guests include first-time cruisers and many returning guests who sail with us every year – from students, secretaries, teachers, lawyers, doctors, athlete s. ..basically people from every trade and profession.

Ratio of Men to Women

We strive to offer a balanced booking policy in order to ensure an equal number of male and female guests; however this does not always work out and we could end up out of balance.

I’m Traveling Alone

For those passengers traveling alone, we can match you to a roommate of the same sex/age group at no additional cost. We try and match singles who we feel might be compatible by age, region of the country, smoking preferences, etc. We offer roommate matching as a courtesy so you can take advantage of the lower double occupancy price; however, we accept no responsibility for compatibility. We do not disclose roommate information. We can also provide rates on single occupancy cabins if you wish to have a private cabin. If we’re matching singles, the cabin will be based on double occupancy only. We do match our singles into full-size cabins with two beds (not the closet size cabins with bunk beds). A single supplement will apply, for the last one booked, should an uneven number of singles need a roommate.

How big is the ship?

Typically ship have between 1,500 to 23,000 passengers and crew.

Will I Get Seasick?

Because of the large size of today’s cruise ships, very few people ever experience seasickness. In our experience, only a few people have ever gotten seasick on a cruise ship and that was because of very stormy weather and choppy waters. If you are afraid you might be prone to seasickness, there are many over-the-counter medications available. If you forget to bring your own, these medications are also available onboard the ship.

Other Questions

Disclaimer of Liability:

Singles Travel Service is a travel agency acting as an intermediary or agent for suppliers, such as air carriers, cruise lines, hotels, tour operators, ground transportation companies, and other independent firms. Singles Travel Service does not own or operate any of these firms; therefore, shall not be responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers or cruise directors, which result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or your travel companions or group members. In addition, Singles Travel Service cannot guarantee acceptable performance by any of these firms, or our cruise directors, and each participant agrees not to hold Singles Travel Service liable for the quality of services and the condition or cleanliness of the accommodations. Unless the term “guaranteed” is specifically stated in writing on your ticket, invoice or reservation itinerary, we do not guarantee any of such suppliers’ rates, bookings, services or reservations. Your retention of tickets, reservations or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent of the above, and an agreement on your part to convey the contents hereto to your travel companions or group members. Singles Travel Service herein gives notice that we cannot be responsible for any disruption of travel and/or unrest, labor problems, mechanical or construction difficulties, climatic aberrations, acts of God, war, diseases, or any other circumstances beyond its control. There are good travel insurance plans available for passengers to protect themselves. We are not responsible for the neglect or omission of suppliers or carriers, so we strongly recommend travel insurance. Singles Travel Service reserves the right to refuse service to any individual for any reason.

Pre-Cruise Preparation Questions

What type of clothing should I pack?

Casual attire is in order during the day. Shorts and t-shirts are not permitted in the dining room during dinner. There is generally one to two “formal” dress-up nights depending on the length of your cruise, where passengers wear anything from cocktail party dresses, evening gowns and tuxedos, to business suit attire. (Tuxedo rentals available onboard the ship if you want to get really dressed up.) The dress code for the other evenings range anywhere from sport coat and tie to casual resort wear.

Final Cruise Documents?

Once final payment is made, the cruise line will issue your cruise travel documents. These documents are generally issued 14 days prior to sailing, and they will be sent to you at that time. Your actual cabin number will be assigned and printed on your cruise documents, as well as your dining room seating. If airfare was purchased, it will also be included with your final documents. Along with your cruise documents there will be lots of useful information regarding your upcoming cruise.

What travel requirements and forms of identification are needed?

Due to heightened security at check-in, the cruise lines want to remind everyone that validproof of citizenship is required for boarding. Anyone without proof of citizenship will be denied boarding and no refund given. A driver’s license is NOT proof of citizenship. Acceptable documentation is a passport (valid or expired for less than 10 yrs), original or certified birth certificate with photo i. d., military i. d. and/or original naturalization papers. Photocopies of documents are NOT acceptable. If you are not an American citizen, be sure that you are carrying proper documents for the countries that you’ll be visiting.

When can I board the ship?

Embarkation normally begins at 1:00 p.m., and passengers must be aboard no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled sailing. Be sure to arrive early to get situated in your cabin and let the PARTYING begin!

What about dining room reservations?

We generally reserve late dining (approx. 8 pm for dinner) for our entire singles groups. We do schedule our other singles activities around this time (e.g., singles cocktail parties before dinner).

Our agency has a separate area of the dining room just for our singles (no families/no kids). We will put you on a dinner table with other singles your age. We work closely with the maitre ‘d onboard each ship who allows our group to switch tables each night. This allows our singles the ability to meet new friends each night. This is a special service offered to our singles group only.

Can I book with my local travel agent and still join your singles group activities?

No. If you want to be part of our singles group, you do need to book the cruise through our agency. . The singles activities are not conducted by other agencies or by the cruise line. Our agency hires our own private singles cruise directors to go onboard with the group and we plan private activities exclusively for our group. We have nightly get-together’s, complimentary cocktail parties, private pool parties, etc. You will receive an “official” singles itinerary with your cruise documents stating the time/places of our activities/events. We also arrange “round robin” seating with the maitre ‘d where our group is allowed to switch tables each night in order to meet new singles within our group. We do have an exclusive area of the dining room just for our singles (no families/kids). All of these extra amenities/activities are exclusive to our singles group.