Singles Vacations for Your Clients

What We Do

Singles Travel Service brings together vacationing singles from many singles clubs and groups throughout the US and Canada. No need for your clients to vacation solo! There will always be new friends for your clients to meet and share that special week with.
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Singles Travel Service shares commissions earned from any client you refer. As described below, our technology has auto-tracking, so any time you register a client (or a client responds to a vacation link posted on your site), you will automatically receive a confirmation email.

Please note: industry certification is required for commission.

Easy-to-sell Singles Travel

Just register on our Agent Signup Page so we know who you are and where to send commissions, and within a few minutes, you will receive an email with a link to a customized, agency singles travel page, plus several banners. Post the banners on your site, and link them to the sample singles travel page and that’s it!

Any travel purchase will automatically be credited to you. Give it a try, sign up to participate in our program, and when you receive your custom link, sign up for any trip, ignore payment, and watch how you are instantly notified.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.