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2017 Travel Trends for Baby Boomers

AARP released an annual study on 2017 Travel Trends. We love to dig into this research each year. It gives us insight about one of our core group of travelers: Baby Boomers.

As we well know, single travel has been a huge trend for Baby Boomers, and the outlook for 2017 is no different. Both domestically and internationally, solo travel is among the top reasons why Baby Boomers will travel in 2017. Here’s what else we found out:

Almost Everyone Travels

According to the study, a massive 95% of Baby Boomers will plan at least one leisure vacation in 2017. What’s more, many plan an average of five or more trips each year. Why? Baby Boomers are more likely to be retired or have an empty nest. So this group of travelers tends to have more time and resources for vacation.

Singles Travel Abroad More

Baby Boomers are increasingly single due to divorce or the death of a partner. According to the study, single Baby Boomers are more likely to choose vacations in international destinations, instead of limiting themselves to trips within the United States. Whether it’s a “bucket list” trip or simply a much-needed vacation, single Baby Boomers are choosing international destinations. Latin America (especially Mexico and the Caribbean) and Europe (especially the England/United Kingdom and Italy) top the “most desired” destination lists for Baby Boomers. And we can’t blame them at all. Those international locations are some of our favorite places to visit as well.

Travelers Seek Authentic Experiences

There is a a major trend among Baby Boomers to seek authentic experiences while traveling. Think: eating a meal with locals, touring with native guides, or participating in local cultural activities. This highlight really rang true with us. Right now, we are planning a spring trip to the Mexico Canyons. Every time we visit this amazing area, there is sightseeing, culture, and great local food. Guests learn about native folklore, pottery, history, and more. Our stay includes a few nights at local bed and breakfasts where our single travelers mix and mingle with locals. The experience is more than authentic, and we understand why this is a top travel trend for 2017.

Money Matters

As it turns out, AARP found that 60% of Baby Boomers do not set a budget when planning a vacation. But when a budget is set, almost all (95%) stay within it. Though the majority of Baby Boomers do not start planning with a budget in mind, money does matter. This group of travelers is certainly seeking travel perks like complimentary Wi-Fi at hotels and airports, free breakfasts or happy hours at the hotel, and priority check-ins. In order to stay within budget and know ahead of time what amenities are included on a trip, Baby Boomers often choose to book group tour vacations. This takes all of the guess work and anxiety out of the vacation, leaving only time for leisure and adventure.

If you’re a Baby Boomer planning single travel in 2017, let us help plan your trip of a lifetime. Contact us for more information

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