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Travel Etiquette for Single Travelers

Social manners and travel etiquette are something to always keep in mind. When traveling as part of a singles group vacation, it’s especially important to follow the good advice of Emily Post, America’s grand dame of social etiquette, who once said that “Good manners reflect something from inside — an innate sense of consideration for others and respect for self.”

At Singles Travel Service, we begin our trips with a group orientation where we like to review the basics of appropriate travel etiquette for our brand of adventure. While our travelers almost always have the best manners, we know that reminders can be helpful, and it makes us feel good to know that we have covered the basics before we say bon voyage. We have found that this makes our guests comfortable, too, knowing that everyone is on the same page.

With that in mind, here is some helpful travel etiquette advice for anyone embarking on a singles travel vacation:

  1. Pack light. Not only do you not want to lug around more than you need, but, and this is especially true if you are sharing a room, you also don’t want to take up all the closet, dresser, and counter space with too many things.
  2. Respect your roommate. Some travelers opt for a shared room, while others end up with one if it’s the only available choice. Either way, think about common courtesy stuff. If your roommate is sleeping in the room when you get back to it, keep the room lights low, dim the brightness on your phone or tablet, and be sure to wear headphones if listening to music or watching a movie. When getting ready for the day, work out a shower schedule — and keep the bathroom neat.
  3. Be on time. Always arrive on time for planned events and departures. The group should not have to wait on one person, causing travel delays and missed opportunities for everyone.
  4. Split the check. You know this from going out to dinner with friends and colleagues. No one wants to get into a nickel-and-dime discussion about who had the salmon and who had the steak. Some restaurants, especially in tourist destinations, are pros at offering separate checks. But when that’s not an option, ask your server to split the bill evenly. If you’ve had alcohol and others haven’t, ask add extra to your tab – or offer to pay the tip. And always be sure that everyone stays at the table until the bill is settled.
  5. Mind your alcohol intake. While it can be easy to get carried away when off the clock and in a new and interesting location, it is best to keep in mind that you are not with friends or family, and no one on a trip like this is prepared to take care of – or frankly put up with – an intoxicated guest.
  6. Keep the conversation light. You know what they say about politics and religion. (Avoid.)
  7. Stay positive. Everyone is on the trip to have a good time. There are always hiccups and glitches in travel, and some things might not quite meet your expectations. Always feel free to discuss concerns with your tour host, but try to not complain to your fellow travelers.
  8. And finally…. Many people opt for a singles group vacation because they want to take an adventure on their own with the security of a group. Others embark on one hoping to meet someone special – either for the long term or perhaps for just a spring fling. If meeting someone on a trip is one of your goals, and it doesn’t happen, try not to let it ruin your trip. Just enjoy the vacation. If you meet someone in the group, have a great time together. And if you meet someone outside of the group, keep your time together separate from the planned tour activities. Enjoy your new friend, but break away and do you own things. Group vacations include mostly paid, hosted events, and these activities cannot accommodate additional guests.

As always, contact us with any questions. And if you have any other helpful travel etiquette tips for single travelers, please share with us.


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