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Choosing the Perfect Singles Vacation

When single travelers are planning a getaway, many decide that a singles vacation would be a fun and exciting experience. Since we couldn’t agree more here at Singles Travel Service, we’re happy to offer you some of our expert tips on how to choose the perfect singles vacation.

  • Be thoughtful about your destination or activity. It’s important to pick a destination that you’ve always wanted to visit – or a vacation centered on a sport or activity (skiing, scuba, camping) that you love. This way, no matter what other experiences you have on the trip, you will be doing or seeing something you truly enjoy. Some single travelers go on a group vacation to meet someone special. And while that very often does happen, it’s not always the case. If you have selected a vacation because you have a passion for the activity or place, you’ll never come home disappointed.
  • Embrace the idea of single travel and go alone. Some single travelers love the idea of a singles vacation, but think it might be a better idea to bring a friend along for support and companionship. The best part about a singles vacation is that everyone is single – so everyone is there to make new friends. When you are alone, it is easier to integrate into the larger group and have some new and great experiences.
  • Wisely consider having a roommate – or not. There are definite advantages to sharing a room on a singles group vacation. First of all, shared-room trip packages are less expensive and therefore friendlier to your budget. Secondly, your roommate might possibly become an instant friend – or at least a pal to help navigate through the details of the trip. However, if you live alone and like alone time – or if you just aren’t comfortable sharing a room with a stranger (and don’t want flashbacks to freshman year of college) – then opt for a single room.
  • Enjoy the silence – and feel good about that choice. We have many guests who come on our vacations – especially cruises – who truly want to use that time to relax, get away from it all, read some books, and be alone most of the time. And that’s wonderful! While we encourage mixing and mingling, we do have guests that just join the larger group for meals on occasion. If this is the kind of trip that you have in mind, go for it. It’s a great option to organize your own day and just join the group for some meals and perhaps a happy hour. There is no need to feel obligated to join in all the activities, but keep in mind that some great conversations with like-minded travelers can be had over dinner or cocktails.
  • Remember to keep an open mind. If you have selected your vacation destination because you have a passion for the activity or the place, you are going to be part of an exciting group of guests with similar interests. During our 11 years organizing and hosting singles group vacations, we have seen many long term relationships and marriages evolve from casual conversations during a group dinner. We think this is because our guests are relaxed and enjoying the company of other travelers with common interests – who they otherwise would not have met. So keep an open mind if you are interested in meeting someone new – you might just end up sharing a ski lift with your future mate.

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