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Trends in Singles Travel During Retirement

Exploring the world during retirement is a dream for many who embark on singles travel vacations. After years spent working or raising families, people long to spend their retirements seeing new places, meeting new friends, and relaxing.

According to an article in Forbes, the number of retired Americans is increasing. And this increase in retirees means the “impact on individual lifestyles, families, and leisure marketplaces, both for-profit and not-for-profit, will be unprecedented.”

In citing a research study by Merrill Lynch, the Forbes report noted that there are more than a million single travelers in the vacation marketplace right now. And more than forty percent of those single travelers choose to embark on guided adventure tours, designed especially for single travelers aged 50 and older.

How Singles Travel Service Delivers on Retirement Travel Trends

There are several notable trends in singles travel after retirement. At Singles Travel Service, we have planned upcoming singles travel vacations based on the preferences of our clients and these retirement travel trends:

  1. Adventure TravelWe love adventure travel! We often embark on a singles travel vacation to Yellowstone National Park and Big Sky, Montana. Adventure activities on this trip include horseback riding in the mountains, rafting on the Madison River, a full-day tour of Yellowstone National Park, zip lining down Big Sky peak, bungee jumping, and a high ropes challenge (which is just so much fun).
  1. Nostalgia Travel. What could be more nostalgic than summer camp? Each summer, Singles Travel Service hosts Weekend Summer Camp on a private lake. During this nostalgia-packed weekend, our travelers will go boating and biking; play tennis, golf, basketball, or baseball; and enjoy evenings by the lake with cocktails, delicious dinners, live music, and dancing. And, of course, we will have bonfires and s’mores!
  1. Educational Travel. One of the great things about traveling is learning about other cultures. At Singles Travel Service, our international vacations are full of exciting educational experiences. In Ecuador, visit the Equatorial Monument (where both hemispheres meet). In Ireland or Scotland, learn about the history and culture of these beautiful nations (and the home of many of our travelers’ ancestors). Our upcoming trip the Canyons of Mexico has been planned and curated specifically for Baby Boomers to learn about amazing culture and landscape of this stunning destination.

Retired and interested in one of our singles travel vacations? Contact us.

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