Mexico Canyons Tour 2019

Mexico Canyons Tour

Join us this spring on our ‘Mexico Canyons Tour’ a singles boomer tour of Breathtaking Copper Canyon, Mexico. Enjoy an incredible week of sightseeing, culture, great food and best of all new friends. Mexico’s Copper Canyon is the largest canyon in North America (4x larger than our Grand Canyon) and a destination unlike any other you will ever see. For those who love the unusual and seek adventure, the Barranca del Cobre is the answer. At an altitude of 8000 feet, the mountain peaks are snow capped in winter while the canyon bottom remains a tropical climate. Here is the home of the semi-nomadic cliff dwellers, the Tarahumara Indians, the least acculturated Amerindians.

The canyon is carved from Sierra Madre’s, a colossal network of six interweaving canyons make up what is known as the Copper Canyons, or Barrancas del Cobre in Spanish. Some of these canyons run deeper than Arizona’s Grand Canyon by a margin of over 1,000 feet. It is simply pristine, Teeming with wildlife, much of the striking landscape of the Copper Canyons has remained virtually unexplored and unexploited.The Train Ride in the Sky provides the only access to the wilderness and probably the most dramatic railway journey in the Western Hemisphere.Named for the color of its walls, the Copper Canyon spans a huge area, much of which is solely accessible by train. This feature earns the trip through the canyon a reputation as the world’s most scenic train ride. Covering a distance of over 400 miles, the trip takes 16 hours one way and is broken up into overnight stops along the route. Our Mexico Canyons Tour is an incredible week you won’t forget.


Mexico Canyons Train


Sea of Cortez, Mexico Canyons Tour

Rail Road

Train Bridge Mexico Canyons

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Trip Itinerary


Mexico Canyons Tour Day 1

Travel to Arizona
Our tour starts early Sunday most guests prefer to travel late Saturday the day before the tour starts and return home on Sunday after our tour ends. Optional Pre & Post Hotel is included..

Day 1:
Phoenix or Tuscon to San Carlos:
Morning departure from Phoenix / Tucson, AZ. Crossing the border into Mexico at Nogales. After a short drive, we arrive at Santa Ana for lunch. From there, we are on our way to Hermosillo, where we visit the Cathedral and the Government Palace to view the famous murals depicting the history of Sonora. Arrival in San Carlos Bay is by sunset at our hotel for the night, the Marinaterra Resort. Welcome to Mexico reception hosted by your Tour Director before dinner. (L D)

Day 2:
San Alamos: Today features an excursion of the Sea of Cortes and ample time for shopping. Lunch will be at the hotel. Early afternoon we will depart for Alamos. During this 3 hour drive you will travel through the agricultural heartland of Sonora and the cities of Obregon and Navojoa arriving to this historic city for dinner and folkloric program. Lodging tonight will be at the beautiful B & B’s, Casa de Los Tesoros, The Mansion and Casa Encantada. (B L D)

Day 3:
 El Fuerte: After breakfast take a guided walking tour through the cobblestone streets, visiting some fabled mansions that have been restored to their original glory. The city of Alamos has been declared a national historic landmark by the government. Lunch today is at the hotel. Depart to El Fuerte arriving at Hotel Torres del Fuerte by early afternoon. Dinner and a great entertainment at the hotel. (B L D)
Day 4:
 Posada Barracancas: Early in morning, we transfer to the train station, boarding at 8:00 a.m. for the most spectacular train ride in North America, lunch onboard the train, we will be arriving at Posada Barrancas by mid-afternoon. Your hotel for the next two nights is the Hotel Mirador. Tarahumara Indians culture presentation. (B L D)
Day 5:
 Possada Barrancas:Today we have time to view and interpret Tarahumara Indian arts and crafts, visit the rim of the canyon and enjoy the surroundings and the opportunity to board the new Copper Canyon aerial tramway, allowing us to descend to the Canyons and experience great views. There is time today for some optional activities: hiking, horseback riding or just relaxing. (B L D)

Day 6:
Casas Grandes:After breakfast, on board our motorcoach we will transfer to Creel via Oteros Canyon. After lunch in Guerrero, we descend from the mountains onto the Chihuahuan Desert and the city of Nuevo Casas Grandes. Tonight we have Mata Ortiz pottery demonstration and our farewell dinner. (B L D)

Day 7:
Tuscon/ Phoenix:Before leaving Nuevo Casas Grandes, we visit Mexico’s northernmost archeological site at Paquime, where the ancient Grand Chichimeca civilization erected their truncated pyramids and adobe multistory apartments. We travel through the plains and cattle country of Chihuahua before reentering the USA at Douglas, AZ. Arriving in Phoenix around 7:00 p.m. (B L)

Day 8:
Travel Day – AM Fly Home

Trip Package Details

Typical Package includes:
  • 7 Nights Lodging
  • Pre & Post Tour Hotel Included
  • 7 Breakfasts
  • 7 Luches
  • 5 Dinners
  • Pre Tour Lecture in Phoenix
  • Welcome Party San Carlos
  • Group Picture
  • All of Tour Exscorted & Narrated
  • Excursion in Sea of Cortez
  • Mexican Visa Entrance Fee
  • Areal Tram in Canyon
  • Singles Hosting & Guides

Trip Price

Shared Room $1,915
Private Room $2,215

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Register & Pay

Note: Price includes the pre & post nights … It is necessary to be at hotel by Monday 8 am  2/11 for tour departure.

Trip FAQs

Q: Are drinks included? Liquor?
A: Liquor is included with some meals. Soft drinks, coffee or tea are always provided.

Q: What should I pack?
A: Pack light with casual, comfortable, layered clothing. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. We travel through different climatic regions, sea level to high mountain elevation. A light jacket is always recommended. One bag per person is acceptable on our tours. Carry-on storage on board is smaller than the typical airline space.

Q: What are the hotels like?
A: Our hotels are the best available in the region, deluxe to tourist class. Mountain lodges are in line with the theme of the tour and provide individual cabins and facilities.

Q: Do I need a passport?
A: It is our policy that all travelers must carry proof of US Citizenship in the form of a passport. (Drivers license or voter registration are not a proof of citizenship.) Minors require a notarized proof of parental consent for entry into Mexico. Alien residents and foreign visitors require a passport and possibly a Mexican Visa (consult a Mexican Consulate office).

Q: Health and Safety?
A: Violence is not a way of life in Mexico. As with any travel, common sense should prevail. This means not flashing wealth, avoiding being arrogant, abusive or demanding, and observing casual prudence. Undeniably, you’ll encounter poverty, for some tours are in developing areas. Small medical clinics and hospitals are always within a short distance. Your tour director will know where to seek assistance if it is needed. Sun tan lotion is highly recommended. Insects and other pests are usually not a common concern.

Q: Do we need insurance?
A: We include travel insurance which covers travel and health realted issues, pre trip cancellation coverage is available upon request.

Q: How much money should I bring?
A: Your tour price includes nearly all features. You only need money for souvenirs, personal items and additional incidental tipping. Credit cards are accepted in hotels but not normally by local vendors. U.S. Dollars are welcome but preferably in small denominations. We will stop at the border where you can buy a small amount of foreign currency for incidental purchases from street vendors. Traveler’s Checks and bills in large denominations are not readily accepted in remote areas.

Q: What about traveling in a motorcoach?
A: We only have deluxe US motorcoaches which are equipped with bathroom facilities, comfortable reclining seats well spaced for leg comfort, and video monitors. Daily traveling time varies. We provide frequent stops for a leg stretch and smoking breaks. Bottled water is always available on the motorcoach.

Q: Handicap accomodations?
A: Mexico is just beginning to accommodate handicapped individuals and American A.D.A. provisions are not applicable. Some places have ramps but no rooms adapted for wheelchairs. You must have self mobility knowing the circumstances of the different lodging. Some walking is necessary for your full enjoyment of the tour sightseeing and some step climbing. There is no problem with personal medication but always bring along your doctor’s prescription