Grand Canyon Camping Singles Vacation or “My first Camper”

Grand Canyon Camping Vacation or “My first Camper”

You won’t want to go home when the week is over! t]This is a comfortable and cozy way to see some amazing Grand Canyon sights, explore a part of the country you might never get to see, try some new activities, and most importantly enjoy all this with other singles who have the same idea as to what make a great vacation. Best of all, you will be on a truly exciting camping vacation. We will hike, bike, canoe, and explore the best national parks and monuments in the Southwest US. We visit the Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches, Bryce, Monument Valley, and Indian Tribal Park and the famous Sand Dunes.
This a most special way to explore the canyon which is really best seen as a camper. We organize all the camping and planning. You can participate to what ever degree you are comfortable. No obligations just fun. This is the perfect opportunity to learn the fine details of camping from real experts. This is what we do best so trust us that the trip will be phenomenal.
Most of our camping trips have between 15 to 20 guests who are all experiencing this type of tour for the first time so no need to worry if this is your first camping expedition. Many of our guests are urban dwellers who jump into the trip with no experience or equipment — but no worries — we take care of it all and provide the guide.

Grand Canyon Camp Bus

Our Grand Canyon Tour Bus


Canoe in Grand Canyon

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It’s about the fun!

NOTE: On the Grand Canyon Camping departures there could be a mix of both couples and singles. We can give you exact details just before departure.

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Trip Price

Camper $1,390

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Trip Package Details

All Aboard!
The bus is leaving, and this is one experience that you don’t want to miss. Founded on the principle that getting there is more than half the fun, this trip offers you a radical twist on the classic bus tour. With a converted bus as your new home on wheels, we roll from town to town, taking in the sights, playing outside, cooking mouth watering meals and relaxing as the miles speed by.

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How We Do It:
As the staff explains, If how you get to your destination is as important as the destination itself, then our trips are for you. This vacation is in unconventional road trip that celebrates both the journey and the destination. Guests on this vacation are not necessarily there for the destination, but for the experience and the people. It is a very social trip. A strong bond quickly forms between travelers, and while a trip begins with 15-20 or so strangers, it usually ends with a family of travelers. The flexibility of our format makes us unique.

Once the bus has parked for the day, you are free to do whatever you please. While some may choose to hike, bike and kayak, others can simply read a book, chat, go for a swim or nap beneath a shady tree. Evenings might be spent relaxing in hot springs, sitting around a campfire, or, if the group wishes, we might drive into town and invade the local cowboy bar, bowling alley, pool hall or movie theater. With buses that can carry 15 mountain bikes, as well as many other toys, this trip is the perfect excuse for as much — or as little — activity as you like.

Our Bus:
The interior of our buses are extremely unconventional – In a good way! With the seats removed, our buses have been converted into lounge areas complete with pillows, a stereo system and an ice chest for beverages. As night falls and we return from another exciting day of adventure, the tables and couches convert into comfy cozy bus-beds. There you can do a little light reading from our bus-library, play some cards with your friends while listening to groovy bus tunes on the bus-wide sound system or drift off to sleep while we cruise on down the road. By morning, our drivers will have delivered us to the next wonderful place to explore, wherever it may be!


Our Meals:
Our Meals are geared to provide you with the fuel you will need to get through you active days, and yet still extremely tasty. You’ll find coffee, tea, fresh fruit salad along with a hot entree at every breakfast. Lunches will be packed or served picnic style. Dinners will be various hot dishes including salads, pastas, stews, chili and burritos. We can definitely accommodate any and all dietary needs but please let us know ahead of time.

Typical Package includes:

  • Hiking-Camping-Campfires
  • Tents Included
  • Sleeping Bags Rent $30
  • 70% of Meals Included
  • All Park Entrance Fees
  • Camping Fees


Optional Extra Activities:


Trip Itinerary

Day 1
Depart Salt Lake City 2:30 PM…
We start this fantastic trip by picking up you and your fellow Adventurers in Salt Lake City.
We’ll prep you for your adventure and then enjoy a comfortable journey to our first national park. You may choose to sleep in a bus bed, in a tent, or out under the stars. (Tents and sleeping pads will be provided)

Day 2
Day 2

Zion National Park…
The towering red sandstone walls of Zion are magnificent! Hike the world famous Narrows, a river walk through the canyon, the Emerald Pools past waterfalls, or the magnificent Angel’s Landing Trail for a panoramic view of the canyon. We’ll continue our journey to cookout and camp just outside of our next great destination. Once again choose to sleep on the bus, in a tent, or under the stars.

Day 3
GC Day 3
Bryce Canyon National Park…
Almost out of a fairy tale, it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen. Spend the day among the “HooDoos”, by hiking the Navajo Loop and Queen’s Garden Trails, or stare at the maze of ancient sandstone spires from the rim of the canyon. Later, enjoy a short drive to Coral Pink Sand Dunes for a cookout and a sunset stroll among the dunes, before our overnight drive to Grand Canyon!

Day 4
Grand Canyon National Park…
You’ll never forget the serene beauty of North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park! Lazily Enjoy breathtaking views while strolling along the rim of this vast canyon. Hike into the canyon to the Supai Tunnel, or take an optional mule ride down into this ‘erosion gone wild’! ($75 half day recommended) A night drive will deliver us to Monument Valley.

Day 5
Monument Valley…
Wake to an  incredible sunrise among the famous mesas and buttes of Monument Valley.  After a tasty southwestern style breakfast, take a Navajo guided jeep tour to see the monuments up close. We’ll continue on to Moab, where we will take a dip in a secret swim hole! Later, we’ll stroll into town for dinner at the Moab Brewery. Choose to sleep on the bus, tent, or under the stars for the next two nights.

Day 6
Arches National Park…
Day 6
Spend the day hiking among giant natural sandstone arches sculpted by wind and time in the Devil’s Garden. There is no other place like this in the world! Later we’ll cool off in a swim hole or pool, toast some marshmallows around the campfire, or sample the brews of Moab!

Day 7
Free Day Moab, Utah…
Day 7

Raft the Colorado, mountain bike, horseback ride, rent a jeep, try your hand at canyoneering, or relax and shop in Moab for the day. ($20-$80). We’ll assist you in setting up your day’s adventure by recommending reliable companies. In the evening, we recommend taking a sunset tour into Moab’s beautiful outback on the unique UniMog. ($35) An overnight drive will take us to a campground an hour outside of Salt Lake City.

Day 8
We’ll roll back into Salt Lake City by noon, and say our goodbyes.

Trip Resources

Suggested packing list:

Think layers and pack light! The less “stuff” you have, the less frustrated you will be with keeping it organized.
One duffle bag or soft sided suitcase, approx. 2’x3’x2
-Daypack/backpack and water bottle (Camelbaks® and other hydration backpacks are one of the best inventions ever,  or so we like to think. Also, most backpacks can hold a hydration reservoir aka “bladder”) See a photo below.
-Warm sleeping bag 15-30 deg.***
Foot ware: Hiking boots or sturdy sneakers.
-Sport sandals (Teva type) to wear into the water on hikes, in hot springs and to the showers. (no flip-flops!!!!!)
-Flashlight/Torch (LED headlamps are the most handy)
-Sun screen, sun glasses, hat,
-Winter hat (for chilly campfire nights)
-Towel (consider a pack towel to save room!)
-Camera and film (you’ll use more film than you think, on average 1 roll per day! Digital cameras can be charged on the bus.)
-Pillowcase (we have pillows on the bus!)
-Pack Light! You will be able to do laundry by day 3-4 of your trip.
-2 pairs of long pants
-3-4 pair shorts ( zip-off pants are convenient)
-3 T-shirts/tank tops
-1 long sleeve shirt
-1 fleece or sweatshirt
-1 Light jacket/wind breaker for afternoon rain showers
-1 bathing suit
-5 pairs of socks and underwear

Transportation Details

Transportation to SLC:
Our camper departs Salt Lake City at 2 PM and returns the following week by noon the same weekday. Discount Air Link
Pre & Post Hotel
Royal Garden Inn SLC

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